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Conference Room Reservation

There are 4 conference rooms of varying sizes available at CHCS.  Some are appropriate for committee meetings, and the smaller rooms are good for private meetings with students.  The rooms and their accommodations are:

  • Room 306 - seats up to 6 people; no projection
  • Room 307 - seats up to 15 people; large TV for projection, laptop hookup, telephone.  Remote clicker available for Powerpoint presentations. Bring your own laptop.
  • Room 308 - seats up to 4 people; no projection
  • Room 322A - seats up to 6 people; no projection
  • Room 316 - seats up to 4 people; only available if the other rooms are booked.

View the schedule and reserve a room using these instructions.  These are the same instructions used previously for booking a conference room in Zook. 

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    Kristin Kosey and Susan Kushner Benson presented at NEXT 2016

    Drs. Kristin Koskey and Susan Kushner Benson, both associate professors in educational foundations and leadership, presented "Using Designed Interaction to Scaffold Student-Student Engagement" at the NEXT Conference.  NEXT stands for New Explorations in Teaching.

    The focus of NEXT 2016 was for UA faculty members to share and discuss innovative strategies for engaging learners using technology.


    NEXT 2016

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