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Whether you are a current student who has been officially admitted to a College of Education program, or a prospective student who is considering a career in education, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Talk to one of our pre-admission advisers and let us help you plan your future. Your success is the reason we exist!

Fall 2018 Student Teaching

The student teaching application for Fall 2018 is now open!  If you are planning to Student Teach in Fall 2018, you must apply prior to February 15.

Apply Now!

Submit your application based on your licensure program plan:

Early Childhood and Adolescence to Young Adult Week of Jan. 22
Intervention Specialist and Middle Childhood Week of Jan. 29
Multi-Age and Family and Consumer Science Week of Feb. 5

The link for applying for student teaching in Fall, 2018 will be closed February 16, 2018.

Admission to the College

If you are interested in becoming a teacher or educational administrator, let our Preadmission Advisers help.  The team will guide you through the admission process.

How to Apply

Job Openings

A number of new listings are provided on our webpage, many of which come from the Ohio Department of Education Web-Based Recruitment System.

View the current listings


The UA Career Services offers dozens of helpful resources, including: