Surplus Property

This area of Central Stores handles materials that are being disposed of on campus because they are obsolete or no longer needed. Part of the Surplus Property program is the sale of surplus computers. Central Stores works with information technology to make sure that all information is removed from university computers and that each computer is in working condition. Click on the surplus property link for forms and additional information.

The University of Akron will be selling surplus auction items at For more information send emails to

Click the above link to find out more about Surplus Property. *Please ensure that all orders placed with outside suppliers include your name, department, building, and room # as to where you would like the item or items delivered.

Shipping and Receiving

Each year over 30,000 packages are delivered to the University of Akron. Central Stores receives and distributes a majority of those packages, making sure that they arrive at their destination as planned.

Order Paper / Ink / Toner

Central Stores maintains a supply of paper products, including copy paper and grade booklets. Click the link above to see what else you can order from Central Stores.