Contact Information

Department Contact
Department of Student Life
Student Union 
Akron, Ohio 44325-4601
Administration 330-972-7866 Office
330-972-2525 Fax
Event Planning 330-972-8689 Office
330-972-2525 Fax
Information Center 330-972-INFO (4636) Office
330-972-2525 Fax
Center for Service and Leadership 330-972-7021 Office
330-972-2525 Fax

Administrative Staff

Name Position Contact
Katelin Brendel Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life 330-972-7909
Anne F. Bruno Executive Director, Student Union 330-972-6535
Alison Doehring Assistant Director, Student Life 330-972-7352
Thad M. Doyle Senior Associate Director, Student Life 330-972-2762
Joe Gimmarco Coordinator, Student Union Operations 330-972-7264
Erica Hamner Student Life Financial Specialist 330-972-8894
Michelle Riedinger Administrative Assistant, Department of Student Life 330-972-2738
David M. Vale Assistant Director, Campus Programs 330-972-6568
Jennifer Venuto Assistant Director, Operations 330-972-6042

Graduate Assistant Staff

Name Position Contact
Vacant  Graduate Assistant, Student Life Administration 330-972-6294
Dina Daltorio Graduate Assistant, serveAkron 330-972-3923
Lindsey Dever Graduate Assistant, Fraternity and Sorority Life 330-972-4956
Ursulla Jefferson Graduate Assistant, Operations 330-972-2837
Megan Morford Graduate Assistant, Zips Programming Network (ZPN) 330-972-2495
Jacob Watkins Graduate Assistant, LeadAkron 330-972-7157
Derek Daily Graduate Assistant, SOuRCe 330-972-5979
Francesca Manilla Graduate Assistant, Fraternity and Sorority Life 330-972-2327
Megan Vermillion Graduate Assistant, SOuRCE 330-972-6504
Kristen Giaquinto Graduate Assistant, USG Leadership Advisor 330-972-8042