Matthew J. Wilson, interim president

Priorities and purpose

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Focus on enrollment, other priorities

It has been my priority to meet with and listen to the University community. To help further the impact of The University of Akron, I am regularly meeting with our enrollment management team (above) about how we can best inform prospective students, parents, school administrators, and others about the benefits of pursuing an education at UA. In addition to spreading the word about UA, I am also focusing on budgetary stability, reputation enhancement, communication, and shared governance. Lower on this page, I’m seeking your input on these important topics and invited you to chime in.

Constitutional Court of Korea

Akron Law students experienced the view from the judges’ perspective at the Constitution Court of South Korea, the equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pictures from Japan

Meeting with Seiichi Matsuo, president of the University of Nagoya

Sarah Cravens and I met with Seiichi Matsuo, president of the University of Nagoya, and Professor Akira Fujimoto on July 26 to discuss our current, joint study abroad program and future possible collaborations involving our two universities.

Introducing Akron Law students to Asia

Along with Sarah Cravens, interim co-dean of the School of Law, I am leading and teaching in a two-country, three-city, four-week study abroad program in Asia this summer with 25 students from UA. (The center photo above is taken on the steps of Japan’s Supreme Court) Drawing upon my international experience, I put this experience together to help expand the horizons of our law students.

I felt it important to keep my commitment to these students and the furtherance of international education as the course was set up well before my appointment as interim president. Nevertheless, I’m in contact daily with campus via email and Skype. I have made several trips back to Akron during the program to attend to my new duties as interim president as well.


In mid-July, I put out a call for your best thinking to help the University build on its traditions of excellence. I am particularly interested in your ideas around five areas:

  • recruiting and retention strategies;
  • revenue generating ideas;
  • cost savings measures;
  • shared governance enhancements; and
  • communications improvement.

I am grateful for the useful ideas submitted already. We have team on campus evaulating the submissions. Add your voice:

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