Student Ambassadors

Engaging alumni and friends with The University of Akron.



The Alumni Association coordinates the Student Ambassadors program. These students have been chosen to represent The University of Akron in all types of settings.

To be considered for an Ambassador position, a student must:

  • have a cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • be in good standing with the University.

The application for 2016/17 has closed. Check back February 2017 for the 17/18 academic year.


The Ambassadors have many duties including:

  • Assist at President's Office events
  • Serve as guides for visiting dignitaries
  • Participate in community service projects
  • Assist at commencements and convocation
  • Greet visitors and alumni at football games and pregame functions
  • Provide assistance at guest speaker events

Request a Student Ambassador for your event.

2015/16 Officers and members

Tyeal Howell, President
Zachary Michel, Vice President
Kasey Davis, Secretary
Kaylee Gutschow, Secretary of Recruitment
S. Peter Obiefule, Treasurer

Ricky Angeletti, Grace Boland, Justin Brown, Elise Clark, Thomas Conti, Jessica DeLuca, Matthew Headland, Kelsey Jones, Zach Kisor, Emily Montague, Chandler Mueller, Michael Murawski, Willa Neale, Alex Pianalto, Madison Plaster, Leah Rosler, Timothy Sae-Kho, Paige Schertzinger, Emmary Sharer, Todd Simmons, Caitlyn Sloan, Taylor Swift, Maribeth Tagg, Jen Vliet, Erik Zito