Student Health Services


Enrolled students are eligible to receive health care on campus. Visits to the department are by appointment. Call 330-972-7808.

Fighting a cold?

It’s pretty early in the illness season, but we are seeing many cases of upper respiratory illness. This is not uncommon when so many people are so close together such as on college campuses.

See what to do if you have a cold

Our mission

medical suppliesTo assist students in meeting their academic and personal goals by addressing their health concerns by providing quality, cost-effective, culturally competent and compassionate health care and health education.

Available services include:

  • General Primary Health Care
    • Evaluation and treatment of uncomplicated illness and injury
    • Immunizations / Tuberculin skin testing
    • Academically required physical examinations
    • Referral assistance for health concerns beyond the scope of the department
  • Well Women's Clinic
    • Annual women's wellness exams including cervical cancer screening and testing for sexually transmitted infections
    • Patient information and education about healthy and safe lifestyle practices and contraceptive options
  • Evaluation of sports injuries
  • UA Student Health Services works closely with local health officials to monitor for potential threats to campus health.

Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, call 330-972-7808 or email