The Women's & Gender Resource Center at The University of Akron operates from a women led agenda that is focused on issues pertaining to leadership, social justice and professional and personal development. The center is a safe space used as a catalyst for creating and expanding inclusive academic and professional advancement for women. It also coordinates a variety of speakers and programs throughout the year and provides vital information and resources to numerous UA departments, offices, and academic disciplines.

Inter-parliamentary Union data reflects that the United States currently lags behind 57 other nations that have elected women in the lower House. Women represent 52% of the voting population, yet they are underrepresented in the U.S. policy-making and decision-making process. In 2003, women held only 22.4% of state legislative seats and 13.6% of the seats in the United States Senate and House of Representatives and only eight women currently serve as governors. 

The Women's & Gender Resource Center at The University of Akron aims at meeting The University of Akron's 2020 goals addressing various diversity issues by by programming around women's sicial and economic empowerment processes, the under-representation of women in leadership positions as well as providing interested women with numerous professional resources and opportunities.

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