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Established in 1993, the Women in Engineering Program was launched to encourage more women to become engineers. We help curious, creative, and hard-working women pursue their dreams of designing solutions to global and technical challenges.  

We do this by increasing awareness of the engineering profession to young people interested in STEM, providing support to women as they work towards degree completion, and making sure they start their careers with the technical skills they need to be great engineers.

Our programs focus on: 

Student Success

  • Women in Engineering Living & Learning Community
  • Leadership training, outreach, and summer camp counseling opportunities
  • Academic support (including free tutoring)
  • Scholarship opportunities, like The David W. and Dr. Alise G. Bartley Scholarship Fund and the Robert E. Donovan Scholarship

 Professional Development

  • Professional memberships, like the Society for Women Engineers
  • Women in Engineering Seminar and discussion course
  • Industry speakers
  • Professional mentoring with local engineering leaders


  • High school visits promoting STEM education
  • Speaker and volunteer opportunities

Heidi Cressman
Director, Diversity and Inclusion 
Auburn Science and Engineering Center 
The University of Akron


Sarah Roth, a chemical engineering graduate student discusses her summer internship studying propellant slosh dynamics. Video produced and provided by NASA.

Inspiration Day is a day for girls to explore careers in STEM with The University of Akron and the U.S. Department of Defense.


All Women in Engineering events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

  • American Society of Civil Engineering kids page: Games, activities, homework help, career guidance and more.
  • Carnegie STEM Girl – STEM programs and activities, including a book club!
  • Curiosity Machine – Take the Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge to learn, create, and play with AI.
  • Engineer Girl – Stories and interviews featuring engineering trailblazers and tips on how to become an engineer.
  • GoldieBlox – Articles challenging myths in STEM, features on cool CEOs.
  • PBS Scigirls – Videos, gams, and profiles of real girls who love science!
  • PBS Kids Design Squad – Videos, games, and activities that show how you can make cool stuff and change the world!