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Getting started

dotCMS is our Content Management System used to create, maintain, and organize the main UA website.


Content in dotCMS is component of a webpage that can be created, edited, moved to multiple pages, and is stored in a large database for future use.


A webpage is a collection of content items - organized by a template


Files are stand-alone items added to a site that can be displayed on pages (images) or linked to for viewing/download (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)


A bio is a custom type of content used to create and organize biographical information on members of the UA community.


Additional Resources

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SiteImprove: Broken link checker

Google Analytics: Stats on visits to our site

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Using Forms

The UA webteam uses a custom built tool to collect data in forms. If you already have a form set up, you can use the Forms PROcessor notes to access your data. If you need a new form, contact the Webteam at web-team@lists.uakron.edu