Sharpen your study skills with our Focus on Success class

For the past few years, UA Adult Focus had been offering Focus on Success workshops which teach invaluable study skills based on adult learning styles. However, in the Fall 2007 semester, our workshops became a five-week class for one college credit. We have both day and evening sessions and details are listed below.

The class will cover the following topics:

Reading Strategies
Focuses on how to handle that textbook that may seem overwhelming.

Memory Strategies
Will teach you how to organize information for storage and retrieval.

Test Taking Strategies
Will help you learn the "secret" to easing your anxiety and ways to take tests with confidence.

Critical Thinking
Helps us understand the process of thinking and discussing ideas in an academic setting as well as developing skills for evaluating concepts.

Cognitive Styles
Looks at how we prefer to receive work with information and the role of intelligence in learning.