Mission Statement

Bierce Writing Commons has one primary mission:  to help students at The University of Akron develop as writers. The writing consultants recognize the power of writing as a way to discover and elaborate ideas as well as a vehicle for deepening critical thinking skills. They strive to help students strengthen their written communication skills.

To fulfill this mission, the Commons is staffed by faculty and peer consultants who meet one-on-one with UA students at any stage of the writing process at any point in their academic careers. Consultants meet with a wide range of students: first-semester freshmen writing personal narratives in English Composition 1, nursing students writing clinical reports, MBA students writing business case studies, polymer science students writing lab reports, and chemical engineering graduate students revising journal article submissions.  

Students visiting the Commons receive the undivided attention of writing consultants, who help them address their concerns about their writing and take away ideas they can apply to future writing. Consultants work with writers at any point in the composing process:  getting started, generating content, organizing ideas, revising, and editing. Consultants never do the work for the writers, but rather guide them to do the work themselves.  The final paper presents the ideas, skills, and effort of the student writer.      

Bierce Writing Commons Staff

The consultants in the Writing Commons have varied backgrounds and interests, but one common thread unites them: They all love and have a deep respect for the written word. They are all dedicated to sharing that perspective with other members of the UA community.


To help as many students as possible, Bierce Writing Commons has adopted several policies. Read these policies carefully before your first visit so that you'll know what to expect.


Our FAQ page answers many Frequently Asked Questions about Bierce Writing Commons. If you have a question not addressed on the Policies page or the FAQ page, please call the Commons at 330-972-6548. One of the staff members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.