Schedule of Traveling Visit Dates

See when The University of Akron's transfer team will be on your campus!

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Columbus State Community College

  • Sept. 25th 12-3PM Main Campus
  • Sept. 26th 11-2PM Delaware Campus
  • Oct. 11th 11-2PM Transfer Fair Main Campus
  • Nov. 9th   9-1PM Main Campus

Cuyahoga Community College (TriC)

External Advising Dates (on-campus) — Must be scheduled through the Tri-C Transfer Centers

  • Oct. 1st   9-4PM External Advising Western Campus
  • Oct. 16th 11-2PM Grad Fest Eastern Campus
  • Oct. 17th 11-2PM Grad Fest Western Campus
  • Oct. 18th 11-2PM Grad Fest Westshore Campus
  • Oct. 19th 11-2PM Grad Fest Metro Campus
  • Oct. 23rd 11-2PM Grad Fest Brunswick Campus
  • Oct. 26th  9-4PM External Advising Westshore Campus
  • Nov. 2nd   9-4PM External Advising Eastern Campus
  • Nov. 30th 9-4PM External Advising Western Campus 

Lakeland Community College

  • October 3rd 10am-2pm 

Lakeland Community College

  • Sep 26th 10am-1pm
  • Oct 24th 10am-1pm
  • Nov 14th 10am-1pm

Lorain County Community College

  • September 7th – All Campus Picnic
  • September 19th 11am-3pm
  • Oct 3rd 11am-3pm
  • October 10th – Transfer Fair
  • Nov 7th 11am-3pm
  • Dec 5th 11am-3pm

North Central State College

  • Sept. 28th 11am-3PM
  • Nov. 8th   11am-3PM

Owens Community College

  • Oct. 18th 10-2PM Transfer Fair


  • October 18th – Transfer Fair

Stark State College

  • September 20th 10am-2pm North Canton
  • September 27th 10am-2pm Akron
  • October 4th 10am-2pm North Canton
  • October 11th 10am-2pm Akron
  • October 25th 10am-2pm North Canton
  • November 1st 10am-2pm Akron
  • November 8th 10am-2pm North Canton
  • November 15th 10am-2pm Akron
  • November 29th 10am-2pm Akron

Terra State

  • Sept. 27th 10-2PM
  • Nov. 7th   10-2PM