SEAC Committees

Office / Committee Names SEAC Members
SEAC Chair Pamela Duncan*
SEAC Vice Chair Nathan Yost
SEAC Treasurer Kathryn Evans
SEAC Secretary Chelsey Elsey
Board of Trustees Observer Kathryn Evans and Nathan Yost
Campus Community Outreach Keren Childers, Max Fightmaster, Linda Leising
SEAC OSCHE Reps Peggy Walchalk, Nanci Lupi, Richard Newsome
SEAC Web Team Matthew Dowd, Richard Newsome
Ziptastic Award Team Lone East, Deirdre McDonald, Michele Novachek, Peggy Walchalk
SEAC Blog Leslie Kallenborn, Max Fightmaster, Richard Newsome

* Indicates member responsible for communicating findings to SEAC

Board of Trustees Observer

Under Ohio Revised Code 3359.01 The University of Akron's Board of Trustees is the governing body for The University of Akron. The Board is composed of 11 members who are appointed by the Governor of Ohio with the advice and consent of the State Senate. Trustees, with the exception of two student Trustees, are appointed to a nine-year term of office. The two student Trustees are appointed to a two-year term as nonvoting members of the Board.

The Ohio Legislature, by enacting Ohio Revised Code 3359.03 and 3359.04 has charged the Board of Trustees with selecting and appointing the president; setting the operating budget; approving personnel appointments; granting all degrees awarded by the University, including honorary degrees; establishing tuition and fee rates; approving contracts; and approving all rules, regulations, curriculum changes, new programs and degrees at The University of Akron. The Board of Trustees also oversees the New Landscape for Learning building program - a $200 million enhancement of the campus.

Two members of SEAC are elected annually to be observers at the monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Campus and Community Outreach
Committee's Charge: The Campus and Community Outreach Committee identifies long and short-term campus and community-based programs and service projects led by SEAC, that employees can participate in and work together to improve the welfare of individuals in our campus community and the local Akron region. Once identified, these needs can serve as a foundation for the establishment of appropriate community/University partnerships where congruent missions and goals exist. In this way, reciprocal relationships can be formed to serve both community and University of Akron interests.

SEAC selects any number of members to this committee.

SEAC OSCHE Representatives

The Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education (OSCHE) is an organization devoted to non contracted staff members of the University System of Ohio. Each member institution is represented at OSCHE by members of that institution's staff council, senate, or advisory committee that represents the interests of non-contract staff. OSCHE provides a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to staff and reveals best practices in development or in place at member institutions. Additionally, OSCHE acts as a unified voice for global issues at the state level.

SEAC elects two representatives to this organization.

Ohio Staff Council of Higher Education

SEAC Web Team

Maintain the SEAC web site by uploading minutes, announcements, and ziptastic award recipients.   Coordinates all other modifications and/or updates with SEAC Chair and Vice Chair.

SEAC selects any number of members to perform this task.


Produces a SEAC newsletter featuring news related to UA staff, Staff Spotlight, and events of staff interest. Any number of members can serve on this committee and contribute to the newsletter.

SEAC Ziptastic Award Team

Selects monthly award winner from nominations received through SEAC website.    Contacts award recipients and invites to meeting for award presentation.    Prepares awards and announcement for publication in the Digest.   Requires two volunteers, minimum.