Summary of University policies, guidelines and expectations

Every member of the University of Akron campus community plays an important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

All University of Akron faculty, staff, students and visitors are required to abide by the Return to Campus policies, guidelines and expectations outlined on the Return to Campus website, including but not limited to:

Daily health checks

You are responsible for conducting a daily symptom check before leaving your home or residence hall room for campus. If you notice any symptoms, stay home or in your residence hall room, and call your doctor or Student Health Services right away.

Face coverings

A cloth face covering that covers the nose, mouth and chin must always be worn in public, this includes all hallways, public spaces, classrooms and other common areas of campus buildings, as well as offices, labs, work spaces, and outdoor settings when 6-feet social distancing cannot be maintained. In the Residence Halls, facial coverings are required in all common areas including hallways, lounges, bathrooms and kitchens; however, facial coverings are not required in individual private bedrooms.

Social and physical distance

Practice social and physical distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from other people in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Hygiene and cleaning

Practice good hygiene by refraining from touching your eyes, nose and mouth and often washing or sanitizing your hands and keeping your space clean.

Meeting and event guidelines

Follow university meeting and event guidelines and public health orders concerning large gatherings. In person meetings, events, and gatherings must be limited to 10 people or less.


Visitors to campus are required to follow all Return to Campus policies, guidelines and expectations including guidelines.
Visitors to our residence halls are limited to University of Akron students only. Residents are permitted to have only one guest at a time. The maximum number of people in a residence hall room at any time is the number of residents assigned to that room, plus one fellow UA student guest for each resident assigned to that room (example: a double room with two assigned residential students can have a maximum of four UA students at one time).

Travel guidelines

Follow university travel guidelines. Any faculty, staff, student, or visitor that has traveled abroad or to areas of the U.S. where there has been a significant COVID-19 outbreak, or has been exposed to someone traveling to such an area, must comply with university travel and CDC guidelines before coming to campus.


Violations of the Return to Campus policies, guidelines and expectations puts our campus community at risk; therefore, failure to abide by these policies, guidelines and expectations will result in disciplinary action being taken by the University of Akron.

To report a violation these policies, guidelines and expectations please submit a Return to Campus Policy Violation Form.