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Academic testing under social distancing

Updated Feb. 5, 2021

The testing centers on the main campus will be open this fall with modifications to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This includes:

  • Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation (CBAE),
  • the Counseling and Testing Center (CTC) and
  • the Office of Accessibility.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • CBAE and CTC will be staffed for individually scheduled exams only, with priority for students requiring accommodations and other urgent testing needs. Distancing guidelines constrain our ability to proctor entire courses this semester. Students may request scheduling through CBAE online or CTC here. Staff may approve, modify or deny a scheduling request based on need for proctoring and availability of resources.
  • The Office of Accessibility (OA) has moved to limit in-person accommodated testing during the fall semester. Accommodated in-person testing in the Office of Accessibility and the Counseling and Testing Center will be rare. Pre-approval from the student's assigned disability specialist is required. OA and CTC through STARS after receiving approval, or through the CBAE site
  • Some online courses will use Respondus Monitor for administering online exams. Students who need technology (laptop, webcam, etc.) to complete their coursework are encouraged to complete a Help-A-Zip referral form. Students should inform the course instructor if they have any problems accessing Respondus Monitor on exams. There may be some restrictions to using a Chromebook with Respondus Monitor. Students with access only to a Chromebook should inform the course instructor so that modifications can be made.
  • Courses listed on the schedule as On Campus Testing WWW SITE will meet on campus for testing, at most four times a semester. This mode of instruction is intended to minimize the amount of time a student is on campus and preserve the academic integrity of the course exams. Exams will be held in large classrooms to allow for adequate social distancing. All other safety protocols will also be enforced.

For more information about testing or the information shared above, please contact: