Financial Research Administration

Once a formal award letter, check, or contract has been received and executed by the university through the Office of Research Administration and an account number has been issued, Principal Investigators (PIs) can begin the work outlined in his/her externally funded project and expending research funds.

Financial Research ("Post-Award") Administration is: managing the work of your award, tracking expenses, and complying with an award’s federal, university, and/or sponsor requirements. ORA Grant Accountants play an integral role in successfully performing funded research projects by offering expertise in financial accounting and contract administration and serving as liaisons with academic departments and sponsors, the Controller’s Office, and the Purchasing Department. A Grant Accountant's various duties include sponsor billing, cost transfers, subcontract processing, cost share monitoring, and award and contract close-out.


PI Responsibility

Post-Award Responsibility

Monitor day-to-day fiscal performance of project

Review and approve cost transfers initiated by PI

Monitor progress toward technical research objectives

Review project account statements for allowable charges

Understand any restrictions placed on expenditures by sponsors

Secure prior approvals from sponsor

With college/department, ensure cost share commitments are fulfilled and expenditures documented

Review, approve, and set-up cost sharing account and documentation for sponsor

Prepare and submit final technical report

Prepare and submit final fiscal report