University Climbing Series

2017 Competition Schedule

  • January 28: West Virginia University
  • February 4: Kent State University
  • February 11: Slippery Rock University
  • February 18: The University of Akron
  • February 25: Youngstown State University
  • March 4: Rock Mill

2017 Results - The University of Akron

Men's Results




Caleb Sykora-Bodie 2144.5
Evan Zimmerman 2096.8
Joshua Breidenbach 2079.8
Connor O'Kane 2041.8
Zach Rahe 2023.8
David Ordogh 1911.8
Dillon McBee 1838.5
Aaron Carson 1790.5
Grant Lazenby 1677.3
John Leonard 1189.8
Steven Steingass 1188.8
Ryan Barco 1079.8
Will Price 982.0
Mark Woodhall 841.0

Women's Results

Amy Fahringer 2059.8
Sarah Cepero 1973.8
Erica Kim 1907.3
Liz Florian 1591.5
Kayla Winters 1450.8
Emma Romesberg 1334.3

About the University Climbing Series

Every spring semester the University Climbing Series (UCS) organizes a series of bouldering competitions hosted by regional colleges and universities. This year, Slippery Rock University, Youngstown State University, Kent State University, West Virginia University, and the University of Akron will host competitions. In addition, Rock Mill will host the series finale.

The goal of the UCS is to strengthen the regional climbing community by offering reasonably priced competitions that are fun and feature quality route setting. The series is open to any student who wants to participate, creating an environment where climbers from different area schools square off in friendly but spirited competition. Routes will be set for climbers of all abilities, from beginners to advanced climbers, and prizes may be offered for top performers.