Top rope/lead climbing competition

Go vertical in this IFSC-style climbing competition at our 53' climbing wall. Choose to climb either top rope or lead on our competition route that gets harder as you get higher!


Congratulations to our top finishers!

Top rope category

Male Overall
1 Patrick Faunce 7.3 1:37
2 Kevin Whited-Ford 7.3 2:01
3 Josh Stanley 7.2 1:35
4 Stephen Hargreaves 7.2 1:46
T5 Neil Nicholson 7.2 1:52
T5 Dylan Plume 7.2 1:52
7 John Leonard 7.2 2:52
8 Thomas Hill 6.3 2:26
9 Keith Warrick 5.1 2:31
10 William Keenan IV 4.3 0:55
11 Thomas Myers 3.1 0:43
12 Wesley Smith 2.3 0:58
Female Overall
1 Joey Wan 7.2 1:43
2 Jen Giles 6.3 1:56
3 Helen Dauka 6.2 2:11
4 Grace Gretz 6.2 2:12
5 Huy Nguyen 5.1 1:54
6 Manami Dote 4.2 2:26

Lead category

Male Overall
1 Matt Chezem 9.3 3:17
2 Nicholas Kawecki 9.3 4:05
3 Matthew Bolan 7.3 3:01
4 Ryan Walton 7.2 2:42
5 Brandon Heckel 6.3 2:03
6 Timothy Flanagan 5.2 2:22
Female Overall
1 Madaline Yevtukh 7.2 2:20
2 Asia Dudik 4.3 2:03
3 Mady Williams 3.2 2:33

Competition structure

The competition will be loosely based on the IFSC model:

  • Each competitor gets one attempt
  • 6 minute time limit per competitor
  • The competitor who reaches the highest hold will be the winner of the category
  • In the event of a tie, time will be the deciding factor
  • Climbing order will be randomized


There are a number of important considerations for keeping the competition running smoothly.


Harnesses and shoes will be available at no additional cost for participants who do not own (or choose not to bring) their personal equipment.


All participants must be 18 years old or older. A signed climbing release will be required from each participant prior to climbing. The option is available to print and sign a release before the event to help with the check-in process.

Any participant who plans to wear their own harness will also need to sign the supplemental Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) waiver.

Lead testing

A lead test will be required of every participant who elects to lead climb. Each participant must successfully pass this test in order to compete in the lead category. Anyone who does not pass must compete in the top rope category. Any participant who is currently lead certified at the SRWC rock wall is exempt from this test. All lead testing will occur during the top rope competition.


All belaying will be done by SRWS staff with no exceptions.


Depending on the number of registrations, flights may be established to help streamline event flow. Participants would be pre-assigned to a specific 2-hour flight (11am-1pm; 1pm-3pm; 3pm-5pm) and notified prior to the event.


Parking passes will not be needed. Recommended parking locations include Lot 10, Lot 8 and Lot 1. See our parking page for more information and directions.