Psychology Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Philip A. Allen - Adult Development and Aging
Attention, perception, visual word recognition, memory and effects of age, emotion and memory

Dr. David B. Baker - Counseling Psychology
History of psychology

Dr. Toni L. Bisconti - Adult Development and Aging
Emotion regulation in older adults
Bereavement & widowhood
Social support
Prejudice and discrimination

Dr. James M. Diefendorff - Industrial Organizational
Work motivation
Emotions at work

Dr. Dennis Doverspike - Industrial Organizational, Industrial Gerontological
Testing and personnel selection
Volunteer service
Government service

Dr. Joelle D. Elicker - Industrial Organizational
Feedback and coaching
Performance appraisal
Organizational justice
Teaching effectiveness

Dr. Rosalie J. Hall, Emeritus - Industrial Organizational, Industrial Gerontological
Interpersonal perception
Work socialization

Dr. Sue I. Hardin, Emeritus - Counseling Psychology
Process issues in counseling & therapy
Relationship issues

Dr. Dawn M. Johnson - Counseling Psychology
Intimate partner violence
Treatment development and outcome
Women's issues

Dr. Kevin P. Kaut - Adult Development and Aging
History of psychobiology / neuroscience
Mechanisms of memory
Biomedicine and end of life

Dr. Ronald F. Levant - Counseling Psychology
The new psychology of men
Health Psychology

Dr. Paul E. Levy - Industrial Organizational, Industrial Gerontological
Feedback; performance appraisal
Job attitudes
Individual differences

Dr. Robert G. Lord, Emeritus - Industrial Organizational, Industrial Gerontological
Leadership, Motivation
Social information processing
Attention regulation and problem solving, self-directed learning, emotional regulation

Dr. Andrea F. Snell - Industrial Organizational, Industrial Gerontological
Personnel selection
Individual differences
Measurement & statistics

Dr. Suzette L. Speight - Counseling Psychology
Multicultural psychology
Identity development
Just world beliefs

Dr. Jennifer Tehan Stanley - Adult Development & Aging
Social cognition across the lifespan
Emotion recognition and aging
Emotion regulation and aging

Dr. Harvey L. Sterns - Industrial Gerontological, Adult Development and Aging, Industrial Organizational
Career development
Training & retraining
Intellectual & personality change
Gerontological service issues

Dr. Linda M. Subich - Counseling Psychology
Psychology of women
Vocational psychology
Social learning theory / self-efficacy

Dr. Amanda L. Thayer - Industrial Organizational
Teams, Multiteam systems, Collaboration
Interpersonal dynamics (e.g., trust, cohesion)
Team composition
Team dysfunctionality and Interpersonal counterproductive work behaviors

Dr. David M. Tokar - Counseling Psychology
Career development
Racial identity development
Gender roles

Dr. Charles A. Waehler - Counseling Psychology
Psychological assessment
Counseling processes
Adolescent & adult development