Pathways to a bachelor's degree in three years

Almost all baccalaureate degrees at The University of Akron require the completion of 128 credit hours, generally taken over a four-year period and comprised of a combination of required coursework in a major course of study, as well as required general studies coursework and elective courses. However, students who enter The University of Akron as a first semester freshman may be able to complete some baccalaureate programs in three years, depending upon some combination of any or all of the following methods:

  • Advanced placement credit resulting from successful scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams or other credit by examination, such as College Learning Examination Programs (CLEP)
  • International baccalaureate program credit or other recognized "dual enrollment" programs
  • A waiver of degree and credit-hour requirements by completion of courses that are widely available at community colleges in the state or through online programs offered by state institutions of higher education or private nonprofit institutions of higher education holding certificates of authorization under Chapter 1713. of the Revised Code
  • Through courses taken by the student through the post-secondary enrollment options program under Chapter 3365. of the Revised Code
  • Completion of coursework during summer sessions
  • A waiver of foreign-language degree requirements based on a proficiency examination
  • Conversion of military training and coursework, subject to articulation guidelines

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic adviser for course scheduling and career planning.