Fall Commencement 2021: '12 Sagacious Sayings'


Fall Commencement 2021

Gary L. Miller
"12 Sagacious Sayings"


I have the privilege of being one of the last people at the university to give you advice and to impart to you essential information you will need out there in the world.

So, here is my advice in 12 Sagacious Sayings:

  1. There are many, many people in this world who have far less than you have. Give those folks a helping hand. Better yet, work with others to make life better for everyone.

  2. The very best way to get someone to understand your point of view on an important issue is to show that person you understand their point of view on the issue. To influence you must first learn.

  3. Don't be afraid to try new things NOT associated with your cell phone. For example, you might try engaging in the ancient art of conversation. It is scary and difficult at first. But, it is incredibly rewarding once you get the hang of it.

  4. Civility is not an aspiration. It is an obligation of educated people. You will never compromise your beliefs by being kind and respectful to those who have a different belief.

  5. There are 5.6 billion Google searches issued every day (about 63,000 per second). It is a well known fact that over half of those searches ask the following question: "When will they finish construction on main street in Akron?'

  6. Giving criticism is easy. Accepting criticism is hard. Successful people do the hard things.

  7. No one accomplishes anything alone. Always express gratitude.

  8. There are over 500 million domestic house cats in the world. Every one of these animals is a voracious predator with nothing but contempt for humans. Watch out.
  9. Education is not an outcome. Education is a journey. To be educated you must keep learning.

  10. In order to live a happy and productive life you must give and receive love. Love is not a thing. Love is the only thing.

  11. There is no real understanding of the human condition in the absence of art, music and literature. So, look, listen and read. Then, you will understand.

  12. Remember, you are all graduates of The University of Akron. Take care of each other. Love each other. Keep in touch. And remember you are all Zips!!

Congratulations graduates.