Dual Enrollment Signing at Stark State College


Stark State Dual Enrollment Event

Interim President John C. Green

11 a.m., Friday, Oct. 12, 2018

Stark State College

(Delivered remarks vary slightly from prepared text below)

Thank you, President Jones.

And my thanks also to:

  • Steve Milliard of the Greater Akron Chamber
  • Mayor Dan Horrigan
  • County Executive Ilene Shapiro
  • and the GAR Foundation

This is a good day. A day that foretells greater things to come in the future.

On behalf of The University of Akron, we are happy to enter into this expansion of our existing articulation agreements with Stark State College.

As I told our Board of Trustees just a few days ago, our University is actively pursuing a path of widening the educational pipeline in Akron.

Last month, the Akron Public Schools system announced that UA would become its first “sister University,” with a special relationship to three high schools:

  • the National Hall of Fame STEM High School
  • Akron Early College High School
  • and Ellet High School

This involves closer work between our faculties to enhance lessons and learning opportunities, and to better educate families on the how’s and why’s of higher education.

Today we join with our colleagues at Stark State to broaden the educational pipeline even further.

This expansion of our articulation agreement will grant greater access to UA resources and facilities to Stark State students who aspire to earn four-year degrees.

The Elevate Akron study says that Akron’s economy has evolved into a digital one. Akron’s workforce needs to keep pace with that change.

We need to encourage young people – and adult workers – to not only update their skill sets, but to think strategically about their careers.

And that means gaining transferable knowledge and credentials that will open new doors of opportunity.

The Elevate Akron report also recommends the further development of Akron’s innovation and startup potential, particularly in terms of emerging high-tech firms.

A prerequisite for growing this kind of dynamic economy is the presence of an educated, high-tech workforce.

What Stark State College and The University of Akron are doing today will help students and citizens of our city and region refocus their goals.

We will encourage them to travel further along our regional educational pipeline, so they can emerge with a brighter future, both for themselves and for our region.

I am also very encouraged by the Elevate Akron’s focus on promoting our region’s polymer and advanced materials clusters.

Akron is home to the world’s first polymer science college. So we have the opportunity – and perhaps even the obligation – to lead research and application in this important industry. Working together we can take full advantage of this golden opportunity before us.

This is a good day for Stark State College and The University of Akron.

It is a good day for the government, businesses, industries, and neighborhoods of Akron and Summit County.

Most important, it is a good day for so many of our fellow citizens who will find a new door of opportunity swinging open for them.  

Thank you.

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