Thanking our nation’s military veterans


I invite all members of our University community to join me today in thanking our nation’s military veterans who work and study alongside us as colleagues and classmates. Their service to our nation helped to guarantee the freedoms we enjoy today.

Because Veterans Day fell on Sunday this year, we are observing the holiday today. Additional activities for veterans will be held during this week. See the schedule of 2018 Veterans activities.

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of UA’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, better known as ROTC. One of the country’s first ROTC programs, UA Army ROTC has a long and proud history of producing exceptional leaders for the armed forces and for American society. I encourage everyone to take a moment today to read the story of UA’s ROTC history.

These fine men and women – veterans who have served and cadets who will serve – inspire our campus community with their patriotism, discipline and courage. The University of Akron is made better by their presence, and we offer all our sincerest thanks and gratitude for your service.


Signature of Dr. John Green, interim president of The University of Akron

Dr. John C. Green
Interim President
The University of Akron

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