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Video Resource Library

Polymers and the Science of Basketball: St. Vincent-St. Mary STEM Basketball Camp

Experimenting with Air Pressure: AGPA Visits the Glen Oak High School Science Club

A Brief History of Rubber: An animated short, that gives audiences a fun and quick overview of the history behind a very important polymer.

Laser Lab Demonstration: Graduate student Rebecca Agapov works with lasers in Dr. Mark Foster's laboratory.

Geckos Inspire Polymer Scientists at The University of Akron

Impact Testing Demonstrations

Polymer Lab Demonstration: Graduate student Emily Rosenthal creates a polymer in Dr. Judit Puskas' laboratory.

AGPA Polymer Putty Demonstration: Learn how to create Polymer Putty in this video demonstration.

Happy Sad Balls: Experimenting with Glass Transition Temperatures

Effects of Liquid Nitrogen on Rubber

How to Build Polymer Rockets!

Introduction to Polymer Processing

Effects of Liquid Nitrogen on Natural Rubber

Effects of Liquid Nitrogen on a Balloon

Ball and Ring Demonstration

Ball Bouncing Experiment

How to Make a Balloon Ball

How to Make a Device for "Measuring Stickiness"

How to Make an Apparatus for "Tape Strength Testing"

Chihuly Polymer Sculpture Installation: Time-lapse footage showing the construction of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering's Dale Chihuly sculpture.

Rubber Tree Tapping: Watch how natural rubber is collected from a rubber tree.

Cutting-Edge Research: Dr. Mark Foster talks about his polymer surfaces and interfaces research involving nano, biomedical applications, computer displays, and military applications.

Cutting-Edge Research: Dr. Judit Puskas talks about her breast implant research.

Research in 90 Seconds: Graduate student Clinton Wiener talks about his research project.

Career Paths and Advice: Dr. Mark Foster talks about his education, research, and career decisions, while also offering advice to future researchers.

Career Paths and Advice: Dr. Judit Puskas talks about how she got started in her career as a research scientist and offers advice to the next generation of researchers.

Flexible Film Technologies at The University of Akron