Moving guide for students

First things first: Whom to notify

Preparing for your change of address includes letting the following people/companies know your new contact information:

  • Present and future post offices (
  • Internal Revenue Service ( or call 1-800-829-3676)
  • State and federal tax authorities and any other government agencies as needed
  • Telephone, electric, gas, and water companies
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Insurance companies and credit card companies
  • Magazine, journal, and catalog subscriptions
  • Doctors, dentists, and other service providers
  • Don't forget to tell friends, employers, and relatives!

The Postal Service recommends that you complete your change of address form 30 days prior to your move date


Before packing, it is helpful to take stock of your belongings.  Are there ways you can reduce the amount of belongings so that packing and moving is made easier? Make some lists of things you can give away, replace once you move, sell, or recycle...

Be sure to label boxes. It will be less overwhelming to have clearly marked items and room locations for them.

You can also get boxes from places such as U-Haul ( or Used Card Board Boxes (

Make the move easier

  • Sort through and get rid of unwanted belongings.
  • Contact current utility companies to disconnect and begin service at a new place
  • Send out change-of-address information
  • Obtain boxes and packing supplies from grocery stores and convenience shops that have leftovers from shipped merchandise.
  • Pick up additional moving supplies including tape, rope, and labels.
  • Choose a truck rental or moving service.
  • Make your reservations in a timely and expedient manner based on the time of year you plan to move.
  • Start packing! 
  • Pack a separate bag with hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, batteries, trash bags, light bulbs and a telephone. 
  • Be sure to have toilet paper, soap, a towel and first aid supplies. 
  • Keep track of keys, wallet, checkbook, prescription medications, address book and computer discs.
  • Before you leave for your new home, be sure to clean up!
  • If you choose a truck rental company, pick up the rental truck. (Call the day prior to your move to verify your reservation.)
  • If you plan to drive your car to your new home, be sure to check the oil and gas in your vehicle. Having your vehicle properly serviced prior to the move will also be helpful.

 Additional resources:

Stop by any U.S. Post Office to pick up a copy of the Mover's Guide. This publication has tips for organizing, packing, getting settled, and more.  Changes-of-address forms are included. Also check out the U.S. Post Office Mover's Guide

Be sure to check out Resource Manual for more helpful connections for you!