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School of Nursing admissions standards

Admissions standards and application information for students seeking bachelor's and graduate degrees in nursing.

Students who intend to pursue an undergraduate nursing degree at The University of Akron can be considered for direct admission into the School of Nursing.  While it is possible for all students admitted to The University of Akron to ultimately achieve the BSN, MSN or Ph.D., admit status may effect the length of time it will take to earn a degree.

This page includes information for students seeking a bachelor's degree (immediately below) and a graduate degree.

Undergraduate admission


NEW! August 2021 — Ordinarily, students aren’t admitted into nursing programs until after their first year of general education studies, or later.

But for the class entering in 2022, if you have a 3.00 GPA and 22 ACT or a 1030 SAT, you may be eligible to be directly admitted into the School of Nursing, right out of high school. Seats in the program are limited.

Plus, if you qualify for direct admission, you’ll automatically get the Presidential Scholarship. Combine that with the opportunity to get firsthand experience at nationally recognized hospitals within walking distance of campus, and you’ve got a nursing education that’s hard to beat.

To continue in the nursing track, the student must (during the freshman year at the University)*

  1. Complete all prerequisite coursework with a grade of C or above on the first attempt.
  2. Earn a science prerequisite GPA of 2.75.
  3. Earn an overall prerequisite GPA of 2.75.

* See admission criteria for the School of Nursing

Normal direct-admit requirements

Academically talented students are admitted directly into their college of choice. Students admitted this way stand the best chance of completing the BSN in four years. They are referred to as "prenursing students" in the School of Nursing.

  • Direct admit new high school graduates meet the following criteria:
    • 3.0 high school GPA
    • 22 ACT minimum or 1030 SAT minimum
    • Core curriculum for nursing (Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry)
  • Direct admit transfer students meet the following criteria:
    • 3.0 college GPA
    • 24 transfer semester hours
  • Direct admit postbaccalaureate students meet the following criteria:
    • 3.0 Baccalaureate cumulative GPA

ALL students holding a nursing license (RN or LPN) are directly admitted to the School of Nursing.  No GPA or credit hour requirements.

Graduate admission

Several admission categories are used for students applying for graduate level programs at UA. The admission category may effect the length of time needed to complete the degree.

Admissions information:

For international students interested in graduate education

Foreign nurses must have their previous training evaluated through CGFNS International (formerly the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) in order to identify their U.S. licensure status. They must hold a valid Ohio nursing license prior to beginning the nursing major.


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