Film Drying Chamber

1. Lab Description and Capabilities

  • Film drying chamber to characterize and understand the drying process of coatings
  • Precise real-time study of curing of solventborne and waterborne coatings
  • Controlled curing conditions with wide range of capabilities
  • Sampling capabilities to understand evaporation components over time

2. Deliverables

  • Determine solids content and rate of evaporation coatings
  • Manifold for collection of vapors for chemical analysis
  • Capable of studying UV curable coatings
  • Environmental controls
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Convection
  • Real time analysis
    • Temperature gradient
    • Weight loss
    • Thickness changes
    • Time-lapse imaging

3. Major Equipment and Specific Minor Equipment

  • Custom built film drying chamber
  • Keyence high precision lasers
  • Micro Epsilon high performance pyrometers
  • Spot UV lamp
  • Kansai Hot air blower