The Multicultural Center: Affiliated student groups

The Multicultural Honors Society

Multicultural Honors Society is about discussing, experiencing, and promoting diversity. Whether it is community service, cultural and/or educational experiences, the Multicultural Honors Society is a group that allows students to learn about and interact with different cultures and organization.

Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS)

The Student African American Sisterhood provides a sisterhood assembled together to enhance career opportunities to secure a brighter future through hosting programs, conducting workshops, community service, sisterhood and more.

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)

SAAB is a nationally established organization specifically to assist our participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally, and in the community. SAAB is primarily comprised of male students who strive for academic excellence and make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their community at large.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Union (LGBTU)

LGBTU is the University of Akron 's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Union. Our goal is to provide an environment in which gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students can freely assemble in order to provide mutual support and to address the campus and community on pertinent issues.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

More information about UA's recognized multicultural fraternities and sororities.


Hillel at the University of Akron is a religious and cultural organization dedicated to creating Jewish life on campus through cultural, social, and spiritual events.

Indian Students Association (Drishti)

The purpose of the Indian Students Association is to foster, facilitate cultural exchange and strengthen international understanding at The University of Akron.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association represents Chinese students on campus, enriches campus life of Chinese students and organizes Chinese students to help each other.

African Student Association (ASA)

The purpose of the African Students Association is to promote unity among students, faculty and staff at The University of Akron.

Saudi Students Association

The Saudi Students Association aims to educate the larger community regarding the Saudi Kingdom, the Saudi people and Islam.

H.A.L.O (Hispanics And Latinos Organized)

Hispanics And Latinos Organized encourages and cultivates the diverse Hispanic cultures at the University of Akron, fosters friend between Hispanics and non-Hispanic students at The University of Akron, creates language and culture literacy, promotes communicate, and maintains awareness and support of Hispanics and Spanish-speaking students and welcomes new Hispanic student and help them in adjusting to the new culture and student life.

Bangladesh Student Association

Bangladesh Student Association is the community of the Bangladeshi students studying at the University of Akron. This organization maintains the practice of Bangladeshi culture at the University of Akron. We invite people to discover, learn and explore the unique Bangladeshi culture and nature through us.

Liberation In Progress (L.I.P.)

The purpose of the Liberation In Progress (L.I.P.) is to promote action and awareness of gender equity. This organization will support and address issues and concerns of women on campus.

Network of Enlightened Women(NeW)

Network of Enlightened Women is the nation's premier organization for culturally conservative women. Started as a book club at the University of Virginia in 2004, NeW cultivates a community of conservative women and expands intellectual diversity on college campuses through its focus on education. NeW members meet regularly to discuss issues relating to politics, gender and conservative principles. Furthermore, NeW has expanded to more than 20 college campuses nationwide. National website.

Taiwanese Student Association

Taiwanese Student Association promotes action and awareness of the diversity of Taiwan and to foster a supportive educational environment among all students at The University of Akron.

Iranian Students Association

The Iranian Students Association strives to educate individuals on Iran, the people of Iran and to foster and facilitate meaningful cultural exchanges.

On-Campus Clubs and Organizations

There are further opportunities to get involved at The University of Akron. More information and a full list of on-campus clubs and organizations.