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Library Terms

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  • Call Number
  • A unique combination of letters and numbers assigned to an item in a library’s collection. Items are put on shelves in a call number order.
  • Catalog
  • A database of records (usually an online database or a card file) representing books, journals, media, government documents, and other materials held in a particular library or location. Online catalogs can usually be searched by various methods, such as author, title, subject, call number, or keyword.
  • CD-Rom
  • It is an acronym of “Compact Disc Read-only memory,” which allows users to access and read information from a database imprinted on a compact disc. CD-ROMS are also used to store music, video, and other audio-visual media.
  • Circulation Desk
  • The desk or counter at the entrance to the library where materials are checked out or returned. Materials on Reserve print are stored here as well.
  • Citation
  • An entry for a book, a periodical or other item that contains all the information necessary to identify and locate the work. Some disciplines require writers to use a specific style such as APA Style, MLA Style, and Turabian.
  • Collection
  • An accumulation of library materials with common characteristics (for example, audiovisual materials, reference materials, etc.).
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