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Library Terms

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  • Barcode
  • Data in the form of vertical bars of varying widths representing binary digits and a 14-digit code number appearing on the beginning or end labels of a book. The barcode is used to charge, discharge, and renew books on the online computer system.
  • Bibliography
  • A list of works, documents, and/or bibliographic items, usually with some relationship between them, e.g. by a given author, on a given subject. Bibliographies can appear at the end of a book, journal, or encyclopedia article, or as a separate publication.
  • Biography
  • A book or an article about a person.
  • Book review
  • An evaluation of a literary work and found in a periodical publication.
  • Boolean Operators
  • A search modifier used to refine the relationship between your search term(s). The major operators are AND, OR and NOT.
  • Bound periodical
  • Formed when consecutives issues of a periodical title are gathered together into a hardback volume.
  • Browser / Web browser
  • A computer application that allows navigation of the World Wide Web – www. The major web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safary, and Opera.
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