Clinical programs at The University of Akron's School of Law

Clinical programs

About the programs

Among its several missions, the School of Law strives to prepare students to be practicing lawyers. While traditional academic course work provides the foundation for skills training, the School of Law has multiple ways for law students to experience the actual practice of law in supervised settings.

A maximum of 12 credit hours may be gained toward the 88 credits required for graduation.

Clinical programs help you develop skills and practical experience

Small Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Clinic

Law students in this clinic help provide low-cost legal and business assistance to small and emerging businesses in the local community. More about the SEED Clinic.

Trademark Clinic

In this clinic, you will help real-world clients file trademark applications under the supervision of licensed attorneys. More about the Trademark Clinic.

Civil Litigation Clinic

The Civil Litigation Clinic assists low-income clients who are experiencing housing problems. Cases are referred to the clinic from Community Legal Aid Services, Inc.

Pro-Bono work

Students interview clients, investigate the case and prepare the case for court.

Students with a legal intern certificate may represent clients in court under the supervision of the clinic attorney.

Students have the opportunity to practice in the Akron Municipal Court, Stow Municipal Court and Barberton Municipal Court. Students may also appear in administrative hearings at the local housing authority.

Students also conduct community presentations on landlord-tenant issues.

Student Spotlight: Justin Burns (3L)

"Law school should prepare you for future practice.  For me, that preparation began two years ago.  In my first-year legal writing course, I gave an oral argument with my professor serving as a mock judge.  Fast-forward to my last semester of law school, and I appeared before the Ninth District Court of Appeals to give a real-life oral argument, in front of real-life judges, for a real-life client, who had real-life legal issues, and the result of which would have real-life ramifications.  Akron Law not only gave me the tools to practice; it gave me the educational foundation, the opportunities to practice appellate arguments in moot court, and the opportunity to work with a professor one-on-one to prepare and appear before court – all before graduating and sitting for the bar exam."  

Public External Placement Clinic

Through this clinic, you will have the opportunity to appear in court or engage in legal activities with the supervision of a professor or attorney. Our students have argued matters on behalf of criminal defendants and prosecutor offices. They have also done substantive work for non-profit or civil legal aid organizations. Not only can you take advantage of this clinic to acquire and hone legal skills, but you can also obtain credit towards your degree for doing so. This will enable you to distinguish yourself as you work towards a career in law or other areas.

Re-entry Clinics

Law students assist low-income clients file applications to expunge (seal) their criminal records, obtain Certificates of Qualification for Employment (CQE), and file clemency applications. More about the Re-entry Clinics.

UA's Reentry Clinic has been named one of the best in the nation by National Jurist's preLaw magazine.

Prisoner Legal Assistance Clinic

Under the direction of staff attorneys, law students provide general legal information to prisoners on criminal and civil problems.

Jail Inmate Assistance Legal Clinic

Law students at the Summit County jailStudents in this program have the chance to participate in the only student-supervised project of its kind in Ohio in which you can travel to local county jails under the direction of staff attorneys, and interview inmates and provide general legal information on criminal and civil problems.

This opportunity leads to valuable experience, greater understanding of the criminal justice system, and another way to distinguish yourself among your peers.