Student Email Migration

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

We are migrating emails, calendars, and contacts for all undergraduate and graduate students who have enrolled in courses at any time since January 2020, as well as students graduating in December 2020.  

You can access the Microsoft 365 products by going to and logging in with your email address.  You can also access the Microsoft 365 products via the My Akron portal. 

We already migrated all student's email addresses for students who were enrolled in courses during calendar year 2020 on January 5th, 2021.

The last small group of users to be migrated can log in with your email address today, but beginning January 30th, 2021, you will log in with your new email address of

Outlook is one of the many applications within the Microsoft 365 product suite.

The initial migration group was migrated on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

The last group to be migrated will be done on Saturday evening, February 20th, 2021.  If you are part of this small group, we have sent you an email notifying you of this change and the date.

We will be migrating all email data; however, due to time constraints, we may need to activate the new email accounts for active students with at least 30 days of emails as we continue to migrate older content until the effort is completed.

We understand that this is a significant change that impacts communication preferences for thousands of students.  We are going to forward emails for students being migrated until December 2021.  This will ensure that emails destined for old addresses will not be missed.  This also provides sufficient time for students to update their contact information/account information for their digital identities.

We are only migrating emails, calendar events, and contacts.  You will continue to have access to your Google Drive and Google Docs by logging in with your account.

We are not removing access to Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite).  The Google Workspace platform will still be accessible for all UA faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retirees.  All users will continue to access Google Workspace the same way by using their account.  

We will be updating links in the My Akron Experience to direct you to your new email address and to Google Workspace.

This is the same process that faculty and staff have been doing for years to access Google Workspace.  

ITS is also going to be updating links in the My Akron portal to ensure easy access is still available through the portal.

Based on our testing:

  • Google Docs that a user owns, but has shared with others, will not be impacted at all.  Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite) access is not being taken away.
  • Google Docs that are shared with a user who then has their mailbox migrated to Microsoft will still have access to those files in Google.
  • OneDrive files that are shared with a user who then has their mailbox migrated, when clicking the link to the shared document from Microsoft Outlook for the first time, the user will be sent a verification code to their email address. 
    • This code will automatically get forwarded to the mailbox.
    • Enter the code to gain access.
      • This process should only happen one time for every file that you click on the link to access.

Yes, your account will be migrated, as well.  This is because you are automatically enrolled in a "Post-Bachelor" role upon graduation that allows you to easily enroll in additional classes moving forward if you choose to.

We are not changing anything for Alumni that have graduated prior to 2020 at this time.  Your account will continue to work the same as it has in the past.

We are NOT migrating any employee email accounts.  You will continue to have both email accounts, but you should be using your account for business purposes and your account for educational and personal uses.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact our help desk at (330) 972-6888 or email us at and we'll get your questions answered.

Project Details

Project Background

UA staff and faculty are on one email platform; Outlook, with email addresses that end in “” while students are on a second, separate email platform;  Gmail, and have a differing email address format that ends in “”.  What you may not know is that this difference causes technological, access, and support issues, some of which significantly hamper the ability to automate processes and improve service delivery specifically for UA’s students.  To mitigate these issues, Information Technology Services has developed a migration plan and roadmap so UA students, faculty, and staff are on the same email platform.  This plan includes having staff, faculty and students use the same email address format of “”, thus providing consistency across the campus user groups.  The personal identifier in the email address that is assigned to each individual student will remain the same, so if the email address was "" the new address will be "".  

Project Details

ITS is partnering with Microsoft and Forsyte I.T. Solutions to copy emails, calendar events, and contacts for active students from Gmail to Microsoft Outlook.  G Suite access will continue to be available for students, faculty, and staff and Google Drive data will not be moved.  The only thing changing for active students is their email address and their inbox, calendars, and contacts will now be in Microsoft Outlook.

Benefits to Students

  • Provides students with full functionality in Microsoft 365, such as
    • Access to Outlook Calendars,
    • The ability to schedule meetings in Teams and Outlook, and
    • Additional space for emails (from 15GB in Gmail to 100GB in Outlook).
  • Improves security of student email accounts by providing access to
    • Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection,
    • Multi-factor authentication,
    • Optional email and attachment encryption, and
    • Self-service password resets.
  • Speeds account provisioning for new students and students transitioning to staff.
  • Improves ease of searching for email addresses for faculty and students. 

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Project Timeline