Microsoft Office 365 Instructor-Led Training Available


Start 2020 by attending this Office 365 instructor-led series from Information Technology Services. Be sure to bring your laptop and your questions.

Running January through March, each session is hands-on and designed to make you more productive in Outlook, Excel and Word. Information on dates, times and locations is available at the registration link.

Excel and Word sessions will be posted in February and March.

January - Outlook

Manage the Outlook environment for productivity

  • Customize settings
  • Print and Save information
  • Perform searches in Outlook

Manage messages

  • Configure mail settings
  • Create messages
  • Format a message
  • Organize and manage messages

Manage schedules

  • Create and manage calendars
  • Create appointments, meetings and events
  • Organize and manage appointments, meetings and events
  • Create and manage notes and tasks

Manage Contacts and Groups

  • Create and manage contacts
  • Create and manage contact groups