Need Help Developing an Online Course?

Our goal is to help you create a high quality online course. We recognize that instructors have their own unique style and personality. We will try to design the online course that best fits your style while staying, as much as possible, within a template already familiar to students.

You don’t have to do all of the work. We are here to help you build your course. We need you, the content expert, to provide the content, but we are willing to build the course. We provide support for:

  • locating or developing interactive multimedia and custom graphics
  • working with the library to secure copyright permissions
  • developing an assessment strategy that will work well for your desired learning outcomes
  • developing a strategy to engage your students with you, with each other, and with the content
  • digitizing any material you currently have in non-digital form
  • locating or developing rubrics and linking those to the assignments
  • setting up your gradebook
  • posting your discussion questions
  • branding your course to match your department’s look and feel
  • ensuring that content we develop meets ADA accessibility and web content accessibility guidelines

Our Process

  1. You contact Wendy Lampner ( or x2149) to discuss your course.
  2. We will review the syllabus for the existing course and any other materials you have ready to share.
  3. To develop the design, we will meet with you to discuss:
  • your teaching strategy including a variety of options for presenting your material and engaging your students with associated pros and cons for each choice you make
  • your assessment strategy based on the learning outcomes
  • concerns or questions you have about translating the course for online delivery
  • what resources you have and what we will need to develop
  • your desired timeline
  1. We will prepare a project plan that identifies:
  • key milestone dates
  • your deliverables (what we will need from you)
  • our deliverables (what we will provide to you)
  1. After you approve the design, we will begin development. Throughout the project, we will share prototypes and samples to be sure the course meets your expectations.
  2. After the course has been taught, we will review the course with you to determine if you need any improvements.


There are many variables and some exceptions, but we typically need one semester to develop a course.  We can provide a more definitive delivery date after the first meeting.