Cisco WebEx

What is WebEx?

Cisco-Webex-logoWebEx is a cloud-based collaboration system provided by Cisco Systems that provides a great way for people to work together in different buildings, in another city, or across the world.

WebEx technology allows you to meet, collaborate, present, and share content — all on the web. Meet face-to-face with HD video conferencing. Share your entire desktop, or specific documents or apps, with everyone in the meeting. Participants can also give "remote control" to others for demonstration or support purposes.

What is a Host?

A host in WebEx is an individual who has an account and can schedule and start a WebEx session. Our site license for WebEx allows any faculty or staff member to be a host. Students can participate in WebEx sessions, but cannot host meetings.

What is a Presenter?

The presenter is the person who is sharing content with everyone in the meeting. There can only be one presenter at a time, but the presenter role can be passed to other attendees, who can then share content with the group.

What Services Does WebEx Offer?

Our WebEx offering has four primary types of collaboration:

  • Meeting Center – Meeting Center is the traditional collaborative meeting solution for up to 25 people. It provides the ability to present information, share applications–even record meetings–with people around the globe.
  • Training Center – Training Center is designed for classroom use and is an excellent tool for delivering engaging, effective, and interactive online classes. Training Center provides the ability to share applications or desktops and voice and video, but it also provides the ability for participants to raise their hand to ask a question, participate in polls, and to breakout into smaller groups.
  • Event Center – Event Center is designed for very large group events (+500 users) and is intended to primarily provide unidirectional (Presenter to participants) voice, video, and data presentations.
  • Support Center – Support Center is designed to provide virtual support on technology issues. Using Support Center, a WebEx presenter can take control of a remote participant’s machine.

How Do I Get Started?

Faculty and staff can send an email to to request a WebEx host account. Please allow 24-48 hours for your account to be created.

How Do I Get Training?

Live instructor-led training for WebEx is provided by Design & Development Services. Training is offered either face-to-face or via WebEx. Please register on the ITL Seminars site: If you would like to schedule a training session for a small group or department, please email

Cisco provides a wealth of information available online both within the application and on Cisco’s WebEx support pages:

How Do I Log On?

Students and attendees will use the meeting link provided by the meeting host. This may be posted in Springboard or sent in an email. Faculty and staff who have a WebEx host account will login at using their University credentials.

Can I Use My Smartphone or Tablet Device?

Yes. WebEx will allow you to attend a WebEx conference via an Apple, Android, or Blackberry device connected to 3G/4G or wireless. Conferencing capabilities may however be limited by either the capabilities of your device and/or your connection speeds. Please note that it is not possible at this time to host a WebEx conference from a mobile device.

What If I Have Questions?

Cisco provides live support 24/7. For technical issues while using WebEx, please contact Cisco WebEx technical support.

Cisco WebEx live support 24/7:

Is Additional Documentation Available?

Software Training Services has developed step-by-step guides and training courses for many different features in WebEx Meeting Center and the WebEx Productivity Tools. More documentation is also available on our WebEx intranet site.

Meeting Center

Productivity Tools