Basic Setup Steps:

  • Plug in all cables before turning on equipment.
  • Turn on the projector first.
  • Turn on the laptop or other equipment second. 

Power does not turn on:

  1. Check power cords in equipment and electrical outlets.
  2. Check that the projection unit’s Main Power switch is in the on position.
  3. Check that the green light is lit on top of projection unit.
  4. Check that the green light is lit on laptop keyboard.
  5. Try another electrical outlet.

If laptop projected image is cut in half (PC):

  • The laptop resolution may be incorrect. Right click on a blank space on the laptop’s desktop. Select “Properties.” Select the “Settings” folder. Change the screen area to 1024 x 768 pixels.

Picture is fuzzy:

  • Use “Focus” buttons on top of projection unit.
  • Lens on projection unit may be dirty.

If laptop projected image is color-dominated by purple, blue, and green or red:

  • Reconnect your laptop to the system using a different VGA cable.

No projected image appears:

  • Remove lens cap from projection unit.
  • Check VGA cable connections.
  • Slowly toggle through input sources on top of projection unit.
  • On the laptop, find the “Function” key and an “F” key with LCD/CRT or “F” key with two monitor images (varies depending on computer). Hold the “Function” key and tap the other key once. This will toggle the output from laptop to LCD and monitor. Slowly toggle through the settings to bring image up on both screen and monitor.
  • Check RCA video cable connections.
  • If screen has gone blue or black after showing a projected image, press the “Standby” button on the projection unit.

Picture is too big for the screen:

  • Use “Zoom” buttons on top of the projection unit.
  • Move projection unit closer to screen.

If VCR projected image contains streaks:

  • Adjust tracking on VHS unit.

No audio:

  • Check audio cable connections.
  • Turn volume control knob.