Important dates for the Williams Honors College

Jan 4 — Early admission and scholarship consideration
Apr 1 — Regular admission and scholarship consideration
Jun 1 — Accept your seat in the college

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COVID-19 Temporary Program Changes

First off, I hope that you and your families are all safe and healthy. Nothing is more important. Beyond that, I hope that the transition to online classes is going smoothly... or at least as smoothly as can be hoped. This is a time of unprecedented uncertainty, and I want to assure you that we will all work together to find solutions to whatever issues arise.

This page is designed to provide a central location that students and families can use to find out the temporary changes that we are making here in the Williams Honors College to our curriculum and program. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to any of us:

D. Dane Quinn, Acting Dean (
Peggy Walchalk, Administrative Assistant Sr. (
Sarah Psihountakis, Associate Director of Admissions (
Kim Roy, Academic Advisor (

While our academic courses have resumed and the end of the semester remains on May 8, 2020. There are several deadlines that have been altered. As described above, the application deadline for next semester has been extended, as has the deadline to confirm your place. For other programs, please see the information below.

More information is available regarding the COVID-19 response for the University.

Honors Research Project

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for the Honors Research Projects will remain as Friday, April 24, 2020. However, this can be extended for any student that needs extra time. Just email Dr. Quinn at to request an extension.

Project Presentation

The presentation requirement for all Honors Research Projects has been waived for Spring 2020. Note that this only refers to the Williams Honors College requirement. If a program has a separate presentation component, students must still satisfy that requirement.

Project Approval

The signature page for the final project report should still be completed and submitted. While your committee must still review and approve your final report, physical signatures from the committee on the signature page are not required for Spring 2020 submissions. Please do include the report information (title, department, etc.) and have the individual committee members include their name and the date the report was approved to indicate their acceptance.


The graduation ceremony for the Williams Honors Scholars has, following the University guidelines, been suspended. More details will follow regarding the event once campus reopens. Likewise, graduation medallions will be distributed, although the details regarding delivery are yet to be determined.

C/NC requirements for Colloquia, Honors Sections, and HRP

Following the measures put in place by the University, the Credit/No-credit option for courses, including Honors Colloquia, will be accepted for Spring 2020. The requirements for a grade of B in the Honors Colloquia and Honors Research Project will be lifted for Spring 2020.

Summer Colloquium Courses

All courses in the Summer sessions will be delivered online, including Honors Colloquia. However, note that some sections will still have a designated meeting time, and are indicated as such in MyAkron.