Environmental Magnetics Laboratory

A new environmental magnetics laboratory has been constructed in the Department of Geology with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation and the State of Ohio. This laboratory contains all the equipment needed for measuring the full suite of environmental magnetic parameters. Magnetic susceptibility can be measured on whole-cores and also at very high resolution of split cores. Subsamples can be measured for the frequency dependence of susceptibility. A Molspin magnetometer is used to measure the magnetic remanence. An AF demagnetizer with ARM attachment allows both the demagnetization of samples and imparting of an ARM. A pulse magnetizer is used to impart the samples with an IRM. The measurement of the full hysteresis loop, on samples as small as a few milligrams, is accomplished with an alternating gradient magnetometer.


  • Bartington Instruments MS2 Magnetic susceptilibity system with 2 loop sensors, high-resolution surface scanning sensor and dual frequency single sample sensor.
  • Molspin Spinner Magnetometer
  • Dtech 2000 AF demagnetizer capable of AF fields to 200 mT as well as both ARM and pARM
  • ASC IM10-30 Impulse Magnetizer with 2 coil (fields to 12 kGauss) and a 1.25 coil (fields to 26 kGauss)
  • Magnetic Measurements Ltd. fluxgate controlled Low Field 2.5 m3 Cage
  • Princeton Measurements Corp. Alternating Gradient Magnetometer