EX[L] Student-Driven Initiatives

Student Driven Initiatives (SDI) are student-led, community-engaged, hands on opportunities for experiential learning proposed and organized by students.

EX[L]’s mission is to help students emerge as civically-engaged, adaptable leaders, ready to join in the enterprise of building strong and sustainable communities by promoting hands-on, community-based, problem-centered learning.

SDI Goals:

  • To support, expand, and create new experiential learning programs;
  • To assist faculty with overcoming barriers to innovative, interdisciplinary,experiential teaching while also advancing their academic trajectories;
  • To provide opportunities for students to explore and take initiative ininterdisciplinary and other innovative pathways to effective learning; and
  • To sustain existing, and develop new community partnerships that bring UA studentsand local business and non-profit change-makers together to advance learning whileenriching the fabric of the greater Akron community.

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Past Student-Driven Initiatives

Inclusion and Distinction through scholarship symposium

Inclusion and Distinction through Scholarship

A UA Student led symposium for students campus-wide to submit their original scholarship, collaborative work, creative words, or research for presentation and awards consideration. See details.

Food Justice, Race, and Grassroots Empowerment

Food Justice, Race, and Grassroots Empowerment

UA student, Elisha Banks (Anthropology, Nutrition and Dietetics), was awarded Student-driven Initiatives (SDI) funding to bring visiting scholar to campus to bring attention university and community on food justice.

Cube Akron logo


A UA student-developed initiative promoting civil and open dialogue around difficult topics.



A UA student organization EX[L] has assisted as it launched the university into the world of hackathons!


Off The Grid

A UA student-STEM HS collaboration to develop new approaches to low-resourced neighborhoods’ energy resilience.



A UA student-led event for Rethinking Race.