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Electronic Engineering Technology students tour Canton South substation

Photo of students in the Electronic Engineering Technology program with the Canton South Substation

Students in the Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) program’s Industrial Electricity course toured the American Electric Power’s (AEP) 765KV (765,000 volt) Canton South Substation last month. The substation includes a state-of-the-art 345KV, 2000 amp, SF6 circuit breaker. AEP has historically been a technical leader in the electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution industry.

For years, beginning in the 1960s, AEP was the only utility to technically develop and install this high of a transmission voltage system. Two of the tour guides from AEP are graduates of the EET program.

On the following day, faculty in the EET program also hosted 26 students taking classes in the Industrial Electricity Program at Buckeye Vocational School in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Faculty members Sam Mastromatteo, Beth Craddock, Andy Milks, and Greg Harstine (with assistance from engineering technician Josh Boley) spent about three hours showing lab activities, followed by a lunch.

The EET program is one of the largest programs in the Department of Engineering and Science Technology, a part of The College of Applied Science and Technology.