The Akron Innovation through Convergence and Entrepreneurship Program (ICE)

A model for the convergence of life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, law and business to recruit, develop and retain talent

Akron ICEThe Akron ICE is a unique program that builds upon the existing strengths of the Akron region in the bio-area, and provides an additional platform to recruit, develop and retain talent in NE Ohio. A formalized research experience is proposed for students from different STEM disciplines that will work together on long term research projects in the biomedical area. This program will involve students from Engineering (PhD), Medicine (medical residents/fellows), Sciences (PhD) and will be supported by students from Law (specialization in patent and contract law) and Business (MBA or PhD). The program termed the Akron ICE Program will have core teams of graduate students from engineering and sciences working together with medical residents/fellows, and pursuing long-term research project for 4 years, while the students studying law and business will rotate through for periods of 1-2 years. The teams will be mentored by faculty members, physicians, industry executives, entrepreneurs, practicing lawyers and area investors. One tangible outcome could be a spin-out company based on the IP generated. Definite outcomes will be a workforce experienced in innovation and entrepreneurship, working in high-performance teams, writing competitive proposals, generating and protecting IP and have an opportunity to pursue their careers in the region, i.e. NE Ohio.

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Dr. Craig Menzemer
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Administration
Phone: 330-972-7911


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