Advanced/Engineered Surfaces & Coatings

Advanced/Engineered Surfaces & Coatings

Our research area of impact in advanced/engineered surfaces and coatings includes the study of tribology and lubrication; corrosion/erosion/aging mitigation; material design, advanced surface treatments and coatings for mechanical/biomechanical/chemical/biological functions; testing and characterization at extreme environments.

Akron Engineering Tribology Laboratory (AETL)

Director: Dr. Christopher Dellacorte

The Akron Engineering Tribology Laboratory (AETL) provides a learning environment for students to develop problem solving skills to address industrial friction and wear (tribology) problems. The AETL: Conducts industry standard and cutting-edge testing as a means to train students and solve compelling industrial problems; Connects exemplary students with post-graduation career opportunities while they are on-campus.

National Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance (NCERCAMP)

Director: Dr. Scott Lillard

NCERCAMP draws from the expertise of more than 30 faculty members to provide corrosion and materials performance solutions to industry and government organizations. The center is home to a multimillion-dollar suite of equipment to provide research, testing and analysis in many ways.


Dr. Ajay Mahajan
Associate Dean for Research & Industrial Engagement

Phone: 330-972-6033