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Dr. Benjamin T. F. Chung
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-3903 USA
Ph: 330-972-7739

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Mark Fenner
Conference Director, UKIP Media & Events Ltd

Past Participants

Previous Comments

“This was a high value professional course taught by an experienced faculty; an absolutely essential course for those who want to excel in the tire industry.”
  – Prakash Chandra Sohara, Hasetri India

“The University of Akron Tire Mechanics Symposium is very informative and provides an idea where the tire technology is heading today. It is very useful in day-to-day work.”
  – Haran Periyathamby, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

"“This symposium is equally valuable to the expert and to the novice; the expert can interpret his micro expertise into the macro world of tires, while the novice can get a kick-start in developing his own expertise.”
  – J. K. Valaitis, Valaitis Consulting, Inc.

“An excellent course-well runs. Most people at Bentley Motors involved with tyres have now completed the course”
  – Dr. Andrew McKinlay, Bentley Motors Limited, England.

“Very good speakers and very nice presentation styles, It was great to have instructors with so much experience (adds a personal touch) who had seen so much change in industry”
  – Jannifer McIntyre, Ph.D. student, Dubbin Institute of Technology, Germany

“Great course and truly unique in the world”
  – John Dick, Senior Scientist, Alpha Technologies, USA

“Good! I would like to study at the University of Akron”
  – Marcin Bortlik, Field Engineers Manager, Bridgestone Sales Polska, Poland

“This course gave me a great and deep look into not only tire mechanics, but physics and chemistry also”
  – Sergey Olshansky, Product Planning Manager, JSC Cordiant, Russia

“Many thanks for giving me good foundations about tires and a lot of information about the basic and practical aspects of the tire mechanics. They will be useful for my future tasks and job responsibility”
  – Agus Mulyono, Tire Designer, Pt. Gajah Tunggal, Indonesia

Organizations Represented at Previous Courses

Aalto University,Finland
Adam Opel AG, Germany
Alpha Technologies
Akron Rubber Development Lab
Akron Standard Company
Akzo Fibers Alliance Tire Co., Ltd.
Allied Signal
American Synthetic Rubber Co.
Ameripol Synpol Company
Analyst International Corp.
Apollo Tyres, India
Applied Vehicle Sciences, Inc.
A.T.E. Bridgestone/Firestone
Bandag. Inc.
Balkrishna Industries Ltd
Barez Industrial Group, Iran
Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc
Bridgestone, Turkey
Cabot Italiana S.A.
Calspan Corporation
Carlisle, Inc.
Carlisle Transportation Products
Caribbean Tire Co, Ltd
Ceat Limited
Cessna Aircraft Co.
Center Intire
Chengshin Rubber USA, Inc.
Cherne Industries Inc.
CIA Hulera Tornel, S.A. DE C. V.
Columbian Chemicals
Constitution A.S.L.P.
Continental Carbon Company
Continental/General Tire
Continental Raifen GmbH, Germany
Continental Tire de Mexico
Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
CRF, Italy
Daimler AG, Germany
Dow Chemical Co.
Dubbbin Institute of Technology, Germany
Dunlop Aircraft Tyres
Dunlop Tire Corporation
Dupont Dow Elastomers
Elastomeric Engineering Co., Sri Lanka
Elastomer Research Testing
Eaton Corporation
Evonik Degussa GmbH
Exxon Chemical
Failure Analysis Associates, Inc.
Fidelity Tire Mfg. Company
Ford Motor Company
Fusion Innovations, UK
General Tire, Inc.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
GT Radial, UK
Giti Tire, China
Hankook Tire Company, Korea
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Hoechst Celanese Corporation
Honda Motor Company, Ltd.
Honda R&D Americas Inc.
Hoosier Racing Tire
Hyundai Motor Co., Korea
Industries Negromex
International Tires Corp.
JSC Cordiant, Russia
J.M. Huber Corp/Clay Division
Kasetsart University, Thailand
Kelly-Springfield Tire
Keskin Tuning
KIA Motors America
Kumho Technical Center
Lima Caucho S. A.
Lockheed Martin Aero.
Mac Neal­ Schwendeler Corp.
Malaysian Rubber Board
Matador Rubber Research
Matas a.s., Czech Republic
McAllister & Abromovitz
Mega-T Tzemet
Michelin Tire Corporation
Michigan Technological University
Ministry of National Defense
Milliken & Co.
MRF Ltd.
MTS Systems Corp.
National Defense Department, Canada
Newtonian Engineering
Nike, Inc.
Nokian Tires Limited
Norsemeter AS
N.V. Bekaert S.A.
Obermeger Hydro Inc.
Oerlikon Saurer Allma PL
Owen Corning
Parker Hannifin
Pirelli Preus S.A.
Pirelli Tire Corporation
Polaris Industries
Polysar Rubber Division
Porsche AG, Germany
PPG Industries. Inc.
Pratt & Miller
PSA Peugeot Citroen
Pt Gajah Tunggal, Indonesia
Quimp/Lex Ltd.
R&J Mfg. Company
Ralson (India) Limited
Resillent Technologies
Rhein Chemie Corporation
Rhone-Poulenc Chimie
Rouse Rubber Industries, Inc.
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Sandia National Labs
SAMAC Engineering Co.
Savatech d.o.o.
Shanghai Tire
Sime Darby Tire Tech Center
Smith-Alsobrook & Associates
Smithers Scientific Services
Smithers Transportation Test Center
Snap-On Equipment S.R.L.
Soucy International
Srichakra Tires Limited
Standards Testing Labs
Stomil Debica S.A.
Syron Tyres
Taurus Agrotire
Tech Univ. Eindhoven
Technologico de Monterrey
Tire Consultants Inc.
Tire Design
Titan Tire
Tire Stamp Inc.
Tokusen U.S.A.. Inc.
Tokyo Tire & Rubber Company
Toyo Tires
Toyota Technical Center
TRC Inc.
Trelleborg Wheel Systems
Unilink International Ltd.
Union Carbide Corporation
Uniroyal Chemical Company
Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company
Uniao Industrial
University of Akron
University of Hungary, Miskolc
University of Twente
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Crrel
Vredestein B.V.
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Wyko Tire Technology
Yokohama Tire Company
Zeon Chemicals, USA