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Diverse Engineering: A Podcast

Diverse Engineering: A Podcast

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Increasing Diversity in Engineering Academics (IDEAs) program, UA has launched a podcast series featuring engineering leaders of color in Akron and will reinforce the importance of getting underrepresented populations a seat at the table.


Please support the IDEAs program with a financial gift and be a part of providing more educational and career opportunities for future UA engineers of color.

Moderator: EbaNee Bond

EbaNee Bond is a UA alumna who received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. She is also an entrepreneurial fellow at The University of Akron Research Foundation and an IDEAs program alumna, and a recent recipient of the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce "30 for the Future" Award.

EbaNee is an authentic relationship builder and is enthusiastic about humanity’s potential to move society forward through innovation. She is deeply committed to realizing the dreams of her beloved community.


Diverse Engineering: EP1

EP1: One Man’s Hat Trick & The Rise of the Black Engineer in Akron

Includes a history of black engineers in Akron, history of the minority retention program which eventually became the IDEAs program.  We interview Jane Lacey '96, chemical engineering, one of the first graduates of the program.

Diverse Engineering: EP2

EP2: Energize the World

Featuring Nuwoo Smith '05, electrical engineering, who is a commercial and industrial project manager (and Six Sigma Black Belt) at CLEAResult. Hear Nuwoo's remarkable story of how his life was changed by simple acts of kindness from one particular professor. 

Diverse Engineering: EP3

EP3: Look Through the Windshield, Not the Rearview Mirror

Featuring Philip Steele '13, electrical engineering, who is a senior systems engineer at General Motors. Philip talks about how underrepresented engineers can make a difference. 

Diverse Engineering: EP4

EP4: Shooting for the Stars

Featuring Tanya Miracle '12, chemical engineering, who is currently working as a portfolio and strategy specialist at Bridgestone Americas. She talks about how zero gravity helped her see her potential as an underrepresented engineer. 

Diverse Engineering: EP5

EP5: Shattering the Glass Ceiling with My Steel-Toe Boots

Lessons from the top featuring Halle Jones Capers ’90 P.E., president at Halle's Engineering and Design, LLC. 

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