What is the Rubber City Math Teacher Circle?


The Rubber City Math Teacher Circle is a regional Math Teacher Circle affiliated with the
Math Teacher Circle Network.  Math Teacher Circles are communities that bring teachers and math professors together to re-discover deep problem-solving and perseverance.  The sessions provide unique professional development the help connect teachers to their learner-self making it easier to facilitate problem-solving in their own classrooms.

The team facilitates meetings five to six times a year as well as an Immersion Workshop.  For more information, contact Steve Miller or Dr. Lynne PachnowskiDr. Linda Saliga, Professor of Mathematics at The University of Akron, serves on the organizational team.

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Upcoming Events for 2019

All meetings held at the Andrew Jackson House, 277 E. Mill Street, Akron unless otherwise stated.

  • Ways to Amaze Your Family over the Holidays
    • Thursday, November 14, 2019
    • 4:00 - 6:00 pm
    • IPromise School, Room 129
    • Featuring ‘Liar’s Bingo,’ ‘The Mystery Calculator,’ and more…

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  • Rubber City Math Teacher Circle Estimathon (9/12/2019)
    • Congratulations to the Logrithmics, the 2019 Rubber City Math Teachers’ Circle Estimaton winner

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