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"I chose the polymer program following my undergraduate studies because it covers broad disciplines including physics, chemistry, materials, and biology. I learned how to think critically and work collaboratively during my Ph.D. research at UA, and I believe that we should share and teach these skills to the next generation."
Jiancheng Luo, Ph.D. candidate in Polymer Science

"I chose The University of Akron because of its reputation in the field of polymers. I knew that I wanted to attend a program with a focus on polymeric materials. My criteria for picking a program was finding a place where there were a number of professors doing work that I would like to do."
Michael Wilson, Ph.D. candidate in Polymer Science

"I came to the college as an undergraduate REU intern and worked on functionalization of poly(lactic acid) in Dr. Pugh’s group. I gained a great deal of experience and knowledge during the internship. It was a no brainer after that to come back as a graduate student."
Abdala Bashir, Ph.D. candidate in Polymer Science


Master of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

Coursework focused professional Masters Degree in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering with integrated courses in Business and Law

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Minor in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

Earning a Minor can have a Major Impact on Your Future

A 6 course/18 credit program that provides students a broad foundation in polymer science and polymer engineering

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