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Introducing the Akron Polymer Student Endowed Scholarship

Faculty members in the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering (CPSPE) take tremendous pride in the work their students produce, and they go to great lengths in providing monies via grants to provide them with support. On occasion, a student will need more time to complete their degree than what was planned, or a grant may not be renewed, leaving faculty members and students in a financial dilemma.

For the sake of our students we have therefore established the Akron Polymer Student Endowed Scholarship; a scholarship created to provide funding for students in CPSPE to be able to complete their Ph.D. study when a need arises. Perhaps you also found yourself in need of contingency support while in college?

We thank you for your consideration and generous donation, which provides support to our students on their way to change the world!

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"After carefully reviewing the research interests of all faculty members, I decided that the ongoing research at The University of Akron was the most interesting. Halfway through the program, I can say with confidence that I made the right choice!"
Nathan Schmitz, Ph.D. candidate in Polymer Science

"I chose The University of Akron because of its globally recognized reputation in the field of polymers. I want to begin my career as a R&D scientist in a commercial company. I would like to see my intelligence and innovation contributing to better products that serve people’s daily lives."
Xuesi Yao, Ph.D. candidate in Polymer Science

"I chose the polymer program following my undergraduate studies because it covers broad disciplines including physics, chemistry, materials, and biology. I learned how to think critically and work collaboratively during my Ph.D. research at UA, and I believe that we should share and teach these skills to the next generation."
Jiancheng Luo, Ph.D. candidate in Polymer Science


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at UA

Undergraduates in any major are encouraged to seek out research experiences. Dozens of opportunities are available.

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Master of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

Coursework focused professional Masters Degree in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering with integrated courses in Business and Law

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Minor in Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

Earning a Minor can have a Major Impact on Your Future

A 6 course/18 credit program that provides students a broad foundation in polymer science and polymer engineering

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