January Safety Focus: Chemical Inventory System



This month our safety focus is on UA’s online Chemical Inventory System. This time of year EOHS asks each lab to go through and audit their inventory in the system, in preparation for reports they have to generate. A number of labs have already been working on this. If your lab hasn’t started, please do so.

Even if your lab has completed the audit, the Chemical Inventory System provides a means to review the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) of the materials you are working with. This is an important part of working with chemicals – to review the hazards associated with what you are working with and protect yourself accordingly.

If you do not yet have access to the online chemical inventory system, you can request one using this link: http://hs.eohs.uakron.edu/cheminv/cheminvmanual/ChemReqP.asp

If you already have access to the system, you can login at http://hs.eohs.uakron.edu/cheminv/chkpasswd.asp

Please make sure you are updating the chemical inventory system on a regular basis as you add new chemicals to the lab, dispose of existing chemicals in the lab, or have significant changes in quantities.

Dr. Jason Randall
Director of Operations
P: 330-972-5337