February Safety Focus: CPSPE Prescription Safety Glasses Program



February’s Safety Focus is Safety Glasses and creating awareness for the College’s Prescription Safety Glasses Program. Anytime you are in the lab, transporting or working with hazardous substances safety glasses must be worn. Side Shields must be worn with all personal glasses. The side shields are very inexpensive to purchase.

Do your glasses pass the tests below? If not, your eyes are not protected.
Chemical demonstration of acid splashed into your eyes = permanent damage.

Why safety glasses are better than side shields video proof. Can your personal glasses stop this?

The Prescription Safety Glasses Program - No cost to you for the basic glasses and upgrade options available for additional cost. 

  1. Obtain an eye exam on your own, or have a recent prescription that is less than 1 year old. 
  2. Print the form, discuss with advisor, add signatures to the form.
  3. Bring the signed form and a $10 deposit to Safety Officer Diana Woolf
  4. You will be given an authorization form to be taken to a local Lens Crafters or Sears Optical.   The store customer service will help guide you through the rest of the process.  
  5. The $10 deposit will be returned to you if you decide to return the glasses to the Safety Office prior to leaving the University of Akron.
  6. Eye Exams can be performed at the store but the cost is your responsibility. 
  7. If you are within 6 months of graduation, you will not be eligible for the program.

Style we provide: (We do not provide side shields)



Link to side shields <$3

Make it a Safer Day!

Diana Woolf
Safety Officer
College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering
The University of Akron
T: 330-972-7478
F: 330-972-5290
E: dwoolf@uakron.edu